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Fine Cabinetry & Millwork

One of the things that sets The Fine Art of Construction apart from other local builders is our in-house cabinetry and trim carpentry department.

Since 2001 we’ve been designing, building, finishing and installing fine custom cabinetry–not only for our own new construction and renovation projects—but for other contractors, builders, and home owners as well.

Honestly, we’d rather not be in the cabinet business… but it was a necessity for us since we could not seem to find a consistent, reliable–affordable source for quality custom cabinetry anywhere in the city… particularly for period correct / vintage restoration projects (where traditional or contemporary cabinetry would be inappropriate).  So, we started designing and building our own cabinets.

In the beginning, 90% of what we built was for our own projects.

Today, the balance has shifted to about 75% for outside projects and 25% for our own projects.  And our capacity has increased–and is extremely scalable.  We maintained a pretty steady flow of projects into the shop… and when we get a bigger project or a spike in demand we simply bring in additional highly skilled cabinetmakers that we have built relationships with over the years.  That flexibility helps us keep our costs down–which we can pass through to our clients–without sacrificing quality one bit.  And more importantly, it gives us near complete control over the production schedule of the cabinetry for our own new construction, renovation, and restoration projects–since we’re not at the mercy of another sub-contractor.

If we need something ASAP–we simply re-arrange the production schedule ourselves.

And we’re also not limited to any particular styles, colors, features, etc.  We are a 100% fully custom shop.  We can build any type of cabinet, out of any type of material, with any type of finish, and any type of hardware.  The only limits you have are your imagination and your budget.

The most common things we build in our shop are:

bathroom cabinets

kitchen cabinets

media / entertainment cabinets

home office cabinets

And we also do things like crown moulding, wainscoting, custom closets, custom pantries, garage / workshop benches and cabinets, free-standing bookcases, desks, stair ballusters and handrails, etc.