“Renovation” & “Remodeling” tend to be fairly interchangeable words in the vernacular of residential construction.

But at The Fine Art of Construction we reserve the term “Restoration” for a completely different type and class of work that we often do.

Generally speaking, when you restore something, you put it back the way it was originally.

It could have been damaged by fire.  It could have been damaged by flood.  But more often than not it has simply been damaged by time.  Poorly maintained.  Or thoughtlessly modified (i.e. “remodeled”) by previous owners.

When the original idea and the original form are worth saving–worth preserving–you restore it… you don’t remodel it.

Now, this doesn’t mean it can’t be better than it originally was.  A frame-off restoration of a 1963 split rear window Corvette would absolutely entail curing factory defects and original design flaws (specifically mechanical) during the restoration process.  But the FORM of the car would stay the same.  The shape.  The lines.  The idea.  Those all remain true to the original.  But the final product can be–should be–better than the original.


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